Web Page

Website services include:
Website Construction, Content Creation, Stock Photography, Training, Video Integration, TRacking, email addresses
We will work with you to create a simple but effective website that will help you become more recognized and reach your community more effectively.

A web page has been compared to a store front. But, if you are not getting search engine traffic and are not popping up in website searches then you may need to change your thinking. Instead of seeing it as a store front, you need to think of it as more of a place to store and promote. 

When your web page is chalked full of quality content geared specifically for reaching your community and target demographic, better results are possible. Suddenly, you will become an option for people considering a product, service or in the case of churches a life change and your current members or customers will find themselves checking the site for what is going on.

Beyond just content, to be effective a website must be simple, easy to read, navigate and update. But, it also needs to reinforce the look and feel of the identity material of the church or select business, but geared toward a predetermined target demographic. 

We can help, by doing the research,providing website construction and content to fill all of the pages.