About Us

At Speiro Communications we have decades of experience in marketing, advertising and public relations. We have married this knowledge with our desire to help churches and select businesses spread seed in their communities and across the nationthrough marketing strategies and social media. 

"We understand all the marketing resources available and will work to find creative ways of reaching others for your business or church." 

The road to founding Speiro Communications has been a long and sometimes bumpy experience. But, we feel it is where we are called to be. Our starting point began with developing an advertising agency after a career of working in the private sector largely in television. The agency quickly grew to include all forms of traditional communications from newspapers to radio and the internet.  

Personally, we were also growing in our faith but had little understanding that the vast experience being gained in the marketing world would be used in the future to help select businesses and the church. It is now our desire to assist some businesses and Christian Churches to reach more people by assisting them to sow, scatter and seed. However, we understand the resources available and will work with churches to find creative ways of reaching the lost and connecting with the congregation. 

To find out more about this ministry, please contact us to schedule a meeting on-line or in person.