When it comes to sowing, each tool has its job. You don't dig with a rake, you dig with a shovel. In marketing, it is very similar and Speiro Communications understands which tool to use and how to use it. We will help determine your needs and find the right solutions. 

Also, the solution is different depending on the business or church. Some may have a great website, but do not know how to get more traffic. Others may find they need help creating a logo and an identity that is more contemporary.  Others still need to develop a strategy and have training for their staff, while others do not have the expertise to complete a marketing effort and don't have the resources to hire a team of marketing experts.

Speiro can help.  

Speiro Communications can help with all of your marketing needs whether it is content creation, logo design, press releases or any other marketing effort. More importantly, each project is geared toward your select business or church to assist you in reaching out to your target demographic or church.  


Social Media

The world is more and more linked together through social media and it is very important that the church and businesses take advantage of social media to grow. 

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Identity Building

Is it time for a fresh coat of paint? Not the building, but in all aspects of how your community, customers or visitors see you. A new logo, signs, bulletins, newsletters, welcome packets and other items are how you are viewed. We can help.

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Web Page

A webpage has been compared to a store front. But if you are not getting traffic and are not popping up on searches then you need to think of it more of a place to store and promote. 

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Content Creation

Content is vital to any marketing effort. Content means everything from website language to blog articles and social media posts. Through content you can increase your search engine placement and express to your community who you are andwhat you believe. 

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Marketing Plans

To find your way you have to know where you are going. A marketing plan is a written document that can be used as a road map and to help track success and progress. 

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Technical Advice 

Many struggle with what infrastructure they need to keep current with technology.  We can assist with advice on what is a trend versus what is a fad. We can advise you on wireless access, video technology, graphic design and computer programs.

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