Identity Building

Logo Creation or Improvement, Color Palette and Font choice, Layout creation for print material, Templates, logo formatting, training  
WE WILL HELP DETERMINE and recommend the best design elements for your business orchurch AND provide INSTRUCTION IF NEEDED.

Is it time for a fresh coat of paint? Not the necessarily the church or company building, but in all aspects of how your community, customers and visitors see you. Your logo, signs, bulletins, newsletters, informational packets and other items are how you are viewed by your market or community. Just like a clean, safe building speaks to the community about you, so does the look and feel of the design elements others see.  We can help.

We will begin by analyzing your needs and your vision and then develop the identity materials that will help you demonstrate to your community who you are and what you stand for.     

Sometimes this means a ground up change with an updated logo, color palette, font choices and new layouts for your publications. Other select businesses orchurches may need just a slight revision and codified design elements. 

Whatever your needs, if it is time to put a fresh coat of paint on the barn, we are there for you. We have decades of experience in matching the goals of organizations to their identity materials and design elements.